Cred Boat Bassheads Earphones sale @11 Only

Cred Boat Bassheads Earphones

Boat Bassheads Earphones Sale on Cred store Just only Rs.11. This sale live on 2nd August 2022 at 8 PM.

This sale runs every day till to 10th August 2022, everyday cred store added 500 units of Boat earphones.

That will originally cost Rs.300 but cred store. If you lucky person you will get just Rs.11 on Cred flash sales.

Cred app you lucky mostly checking credit score, pay credit card bills and others payments on using your added cred app on the credit card.

This on Offer started 1st August 2022 to Ends on 10th August 2022 at 8 PM.

How to Get Cred Boat Earphones Rs.11 Sale

  1. First of all Download and Update your Cred App from a Google Play Store Or App Store.
  2. Next, Open the app and Sign up as a new account or Log in to your cred account.
  3. Then you will go shopping Section and search for the boat earphone Rs.11 sale banner.
  4. Tap on Notify button once the sale starts you will get notifications.
  5. Boat bassheads earphones sales will go live on 8 PM.
  6. During this flash sale there available only 500units of the product will be sold within time.


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