Flipkart Quiz Answers – Win Assured Rewards

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Flipkart Quiz Answers

Flipkart Quiz Answers – Win Assured Rewards, Vouchers & SuperCoins

Flipkart Quiz Answers:- Hello TrickyNaveen Readers!! Now I Tell About Flipkart Daily Quizs Flipkart Fake Or Not, Daily Trivia, Daam Sahi Hai, Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala, Kya Bolti Public Answers. I Think Play Daily To Win More Assured Rewards.

Flipkart Quiz Answers
Flipkart Quiz Answers

The Best Earning Of Rewards In Flipkart App and Invite your Friend you Win Flipkart Voucher Or SuperCoins. to Play Daily to Win SuperCoins Anytime you can win Assured Flipkart Vouchers.

When you play the Flipkart contest then you will get various types of rewards such as Flipkart Gift Vouchers, Gems, SuperCoins, Gadgets ( Like Mobiles to win Some times ) and So on.

You will get rewards when you give correct answers in the every quiz contest.

This Contest Play 5 Mintues Videos on every quiz contest given correct answers in the contests 100% chances to win prize to everyone.

How To Play Flipkart Quiz Contests:-

1. You Can Play Quiz first Update or Download Flipkart App.

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2. Next Open Your App & Login Mobile number & Password.

3. There you can see Videos section and Tap on it.

4. There will be Flipkart Quiz Contest one by one banners.

5. Now scroll down and then select any contest and then click on the play and win button.

6. Then make sure check the contest Answers before participating in it.

7. Only Give correct answers & otherwise worry answers select you can’t legible Prizes.

Flipkart Quiz Contest Details :-

Contest Name :- Flipkart Fake or Not Fake, Flipkart Daily Trivia, Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai, Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala, Flipkart Kya Bolti Public.

Contest Date :- 16th January 2021

Contest Time:- 12AM to 11:59 PM.

Contest Prizes:- Flkipkart Gift Vouchers, Gems, SmartPhones, Gadgets & SuperCoins.

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 17th January 2021

🔰 Fake / Not Fake

1️⃣ Not Fake

2️⃣ Fake

3️⃣ Fake

🔰 Kya Bolti Public

1️⃣ Drink turmeric milk

2️⃣ Susmita Sen

3️⃣ Plant trees

🔰 F.Y.I

1️⃣ Blackberry

2️⃣ Options 1

3️⃣ 5

🔰 Daam Sahi Hai

1️⃣ 17,999

2️⃣ Hiking Lightining

3️⃣ 15,999

🔰 Kaun? Who Did It (New Game)

▶️ Armaan S

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 16th January 2021

🔰 Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Answer

1️⃣ Not Fake

2️⃣ Not Fake

3️⃣ Fake

🔰 Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers

1️⃣ Save Money

2️⃣ Ananya Pandey

3️⃣ Yes

🔰 Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Answers

1️⃣ Less Than 1200

2️⃣ Rs.3695

3️⃣ Rs.59999

🔰 Kaun? Who Did It (New Game)

1️⃣ Meenu

🔰Flipkart New Game : F.Y.I : For Your Information (E1)

1️⃣ Shera

2️⃣ Ramdas Athawale

3️⃣ Four

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 15th January 2021

🔰 Flipkart Fake / Not Fake Quiz Answers

1️⃣ Fake

2️⃣ Fake

3️⃣ Not Fake

🔰 Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers

1️⃣ Dabang Sunglasses

2️⃣ Carryminati

3️⃣ Maggi

🔰 Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Answers

1️⃣ Less Than 5500

2️⃣ Rs 18980

3️⃣ Rs 9000

🔰 Kaun? Who Did It (New Game)

▶️ Anushka

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 28 December 2020:

1.Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake Quiz Answers :-

Q1. Joe biden’s ancestors were from India

A1. Not Fake

Q2. Govinda did lead role in 7 films with no. 1 title

A2. Fake

Q3. Ziraffe has more bones than human

A3. Fake

2. Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers:-

Q1. For working on which disease was Robert Koch awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine?

A1. Tuberculosis

Q2.  K. Nageswara Rao Pantulu founded which healthcare brand in Mumbai in 1893?

A2. Amrutanjan

Q3.  Which of these brands is packed and sold in hyperbolic paraboloid shape?

A3.  Pringles

Q4. What was the original title of the recently released film Saand Ki Aankh?


Q5.  SoundJam MP was an early version of which media player?

A5.   iTunes

3. Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz Answers:-

Q1. Mrp of prestige and Omega deluxe induction bottom cookware set

A1.  More than 300

Q2.  Mrp of Usha CPJ 361S 200W Juicer

A2.  20990

Q3. Mrp of Butterfly Rapido 3Burner Glass manual gas Stove?

A3. 6495

4. Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala Answers:-

Q1. Sunlight takes how many minutes to reach the earth

A1. 8 minutes

Q2. Who’s the first Indian to win Oscar

A2. Bhanu Athiya

Q3. Normally which of these would be largest in size

A3.  Asteroid

5. Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Answers:-

Q1. Which of these has been affected the most by lockdown?

A1. Professional

Q2. Which feature is more important in a mobile phone?

A2. Long Battery Life 

Q3. What does India prefer?

A3. Long Hair

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