Today Amazon Flipkart Answers – 04/10/2020

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Today Amazon Flipkart Answers

Today Amazon Flipkart Answers – 04/10/2020


Flipkart Fake Or not answers

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers 4 October 2020

Q1. The Sale Of E-Cigarettes Is Banned In India


Q2. Cutting An Earthworm In The Middle Produces Two Earthworms


Q3. A Man Lied About Being Covid Positive To Spend Time With His Lover


Q4. Om Shanti Om Is Deepika Padukone’s Debut Film


Q5. Killer Whales Are Actually Dolphins


Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers 4 October 2020

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers

Q1. Which IPL team does this Punjab opener play

Ans Kolkata Knight Riders

Q2. In 2013 against which team did chris gayle make his 175 record breaking runs

Ans Pune warriors India

Q3. Who among these has won the most ipl purple cap awards

Ans Bhuvaneshwar kumar

Q4. which state is represented in domestic cricket by ipl debudant devdutt

Ans Karnataka

Q5. Who Holds the record of hitting most 50s in IPL

Ans David warner

Flipkart Power Play With Champions 4 October 2020

Flipkart Power play champions

Q1. Who will Hit more sixers?

Ans Rohit sharma

Q2. How many runs will Mumbai score in the last 5 Overs?

Ans 70 or More than 70

Q3. Who will win the match?

Ans Mumbai

Q4. Which team will give more wides in the match?

Ans Punjab

Q5. Who will win the match?

Ans Chennai

Q6. What is the full on specifications display of the Samsung F41?

Ans 6.4inch infinity AMOLED display


Amazon quiz Sumsung Galaxy M21

Amazon Quiz Answers 4 October 2020 – Win Samsung Galaxy M21

Q1. What type of music did the Marathi Film “The Disciple”, that won the International Critics award in the Venice Film Festival, focus on?

Ans Indian Classical

Q2. According to a recent report by the National Statistical Office, which Indian state topped with a 96.2% literacy rate in the year 2017-18?

Ans Kerala

Q3. ‘Sustainable Shipping for a Sustainable planet’ is the 2020 theme for which day, to be obeserved on 26th September this year?

Ans World Martime day

Q4. Which Bollywood actor has recently been appointed the Chairman, National School of Drama Society?

Ans Paresh Rawal

Q5. The MVP for the 2019-20 NBA Regular Season represents which country in international basketball?

Ans Greece

Amazon Sunday Spin Win

Amazon Sunday Spin Wheel Win

Q. ______________ is the yearly event where you get the best deals, discounts & more on Amazon during the Diwali festive season?

Ans Great Indian Festival Sale

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